How To Find The ‘Dancing Guy’ On TikTok And Instagram

Forget the dancing baby of yesteryear – this dancing guy filter is the current king of viral memes. Find out how to use it on TikTok and Instagram.

Social media users who are active on TikTok and Instagram may be wondering where the now-viral ‘Horace’ filter came from and why their Discover pages on both apps may be teeming with hilarious clips that feature the odd character. People who like filming themselves doing dances on either platform can inject humor into their creations by applying the effect, which adds an animated man wearing a red onesie into the frame as sort of a jig partner or backup dancer. Because of his oddly shaped bald head, comically long neck, and tiny feet, a dancing Horace makes for a weird sight to see, especially when accompanied by one of Drake’s banger tunes.


TikTok is where viewers discover the funniest memes, which often feature new music and gimmicks, or old and forgotten gems that could invigorate anyone’s playlist and feed. There’s also a lot of crossover between TikTok and Instagram, with creators reposting their clips from one platform to the other and vice-versa, allowing potential trends to achieve viral status in a shorter amount of time. This is how Horace, the dancing guy that originated on Instagram, was able to infiltrate the TikTok ranks of the most popular filter effects to try.

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To use the Horace filter on TikTok, launch the app and hit the + icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new post. Tap ‘Effects‘, hit the magnifying glass icon, and type ‘Horace‘ into the search bar. Selecting the filter titled ‘HORACE‘ should bring up the dancing man into the frame ⁠ — tap the center of the screen and hit the record button to start creating a TikTok video. Drake’sFeel No WaysIt should be the default background song that goes with the effect, but users can change it by tapping the music bar on top of the screen and searching for a different song.

Horace’s Instagram Beginnings (And How To Use The Filter)

Horace Filter Instagram Stories

The Horace filter was created by artist Jackson Gray, who in an interview with Insider said he initially designed the character to be stark naked. After debuting the filter on Facebook and Instagram in 2020, it garnered some recognition and was used in over 200,000 posts. However, when the filter was deemed to have “content of an adult or sexual nature“, the effect was taken down soon after. Two years later, Gray relaunched the clothed version of Horace on TikTok, and the rest is history. To date, the #Horace hashtag has over 130 million views on TikTok and has been used in over 156,000 posts on the app.

Those who’ve seen the Horace TikTok videos and would like to use the filter in their Instagram Stories or Reels can also find the effect on the platform. Launch the Instagram app, and swipe to the right to open the Camera view. Select either ‘Story’ or ‘Reel’ and then scroll to the end of the featured effects at the bottom and hit ‘Browse effects‘. Hit the magnifying glass icon, type ‘Horace‘ into the search bar, and pick the ‘HORACE‘ filter created by jqgray. Tap the flag icon to save the effect to favorites (for later use) or select ‘Try it’ to use it immediately. Flip to the rear camera and hit the record button to get Horace to start dancing. The effect won’t have background music applied to it automatically like on TikTok. To add a track, tap the ‘Stickers‘ icon on top of the screen, select ‘Music‘ then search for the song title to use. Do note that the Horace filter only works on videos taken with the rear camera for both Instagram and TikTok.

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