Here’s the Mule Day 2022 schedule of events in Columbia, TN

Jay Bird Mangrum competes in the mule pull event at the Maury County Park in Columbia, Tenn., during the annual Mule Day celebration on Saturday, April 2, 2016.

After two years lost to COVID-19, the mules are back in town and Columbia is ready to host another Mule Day celebration.

This year will mark the continuation of the event’s longstanding competitions.

From the power displayed at the old-fashioned log pulls to the classic Skillington Draft Mule Show, the four-day event serves as an exhibition, highlighting the strength and resilience of what Muletown reveres as the farm’s hardest-working animal.

Enjoy watching the very best gaited mules from Tennessee and across the entire US exhibit their unique strut at the Tennessee Gaited Mule State Championship on Friday.

Then on Saturday, after Mule Day Parade in downtown Columbia, watch as mule teams compete for the championship title by seeing who can pull the most weight, the longest distance during the Tennessee State Mule Pulling Championship.

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