ExpressVPN has a massive network, it’s quick, secure, and unblocks Netflix and most everything else, allows torrents, does not have any major logs (confirmed through an audit) and offers applications for every need and is simple to use. In short, it’s an excellent VPN that delivers all areas.

It is true that the VPN market is a challenging one, with lots of competitors, however ExpressVPN knows how to make itself stand out by putting in the top features and delivers better than anyone else.

High-quality platform support includes applications designed for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and other operating systems as well as custom firmwares for a variety of routers. There are also extensive manuals for setting up Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire and more.

A solid set of features that provide several layers of privacy security. High-end encryption guards your information from prying eyes; secure DNS blocks your ISP from monitoring your data, as well; and if the VPN stops working the kill switch is triggered into place to block your Internet connection, and ensure your safety.

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ExpressVPN subscription choices:

  • 15 month plan – $6.67 per month ($100.05 total cost)

The company provides a wide network of over 3000 servers that span 160 cities across 94 countries. Europe as well as the US offer the greatest coverage however, ExpressVPN also has a number of places within Asia as well as several countries that are not often found elsewhere. It has the 26 Asia Pacific countries alone, as an example – Mozilla VPN only has about 30 countries on its network.

ExpressVPN isn’t just beating the competition with its standard features however, it also has distinctive technologies of its own. Lightway is the ExpressVPN’s fast and secure VPN method, as an example. It also has MediaStreamer is the MediaStreamer Smart DNS feature lets you blocking certain websites, even on devices that aren’t able to run the applications.

An easy-to-understand privacy policy states that ExpressVPN does not record any sensitive data – but it’s not necessary to take the word of the company’s spokesperson on trust. ExpressVPN has had its servers inspected to ensure they are living the promises it made and F-Secure recently conducted an audit(opens in a new tab) its applications to check for security flaws (they were able to pass with flying colours).

The standout feature might be the support there is a support section, and ExpressVPN provides agents 24 hours a day through live chat. It’s not the basic first-line, outsourced, support that you’ll typically find with other providers. They’re experts who can help you through every technical problem. If you have a problem there’s no reason to have to wait for a full day (or perhaps longer) to get a response from support. According to our experience, there’s always a person available via ExpressVPN’s live chat and you can get high-quality assistance in a matter of minutes.

All of this adds up to an excellent service that we would recommend to anyone – and that’s the reason why Express remains at the top of our list of top of the most reliable VPNs.

what’s new?

The improvements in the last year’s review begin with a major update to ExpressVPN’s network. In June 2022, the company announced significant progress in its transition from 1Gbps to at minimum 10Gbps servers with 70 percent of all bandwidth globally already benefiting from the upgrade, with the rest expected to come in the next few months’ , we are informed.

It’s not only about bandwidth for networks: ExpressVPN states that many older servers are equipped with 4 CPU cores (processing units) However, the new models are equipped with between 20 and 32 cores. The additional processing power means better connections for all and helps ensure that servers benefit from the speedier network speeds.

In addition, ExpressVPN has released Aircove, a powerful , Cure53-audited WiFi 6 router that has the router app of the company included. Set it up in your home, and all of your internet-connected devices will be able to connect to ExpressVPN right away without installing an app, or worrying about connectivity limitations.

Aircove pricing looks attractive as well, with $169.90 at the time of launch (the normal cost would be $189.90). However, if you’re on the budget, don’t fret it’s still possible to download the ExpressVPN router application on your own device (assuming that it’s supported by) for no cost. (The website for the official router setup page(opens in a new tab) contains more details about this.)

The major app updates Include Network Protection for iOS (version 14 or later) This feature lowers the possibility of data leaks by block your internet connection when the VPN is cut off. If you don’t have an Apple preferred platform ExpressVPN’s Mac applications now run exclusively with Apple Silicon Macs (M1 and M2) offering more performance and lower usage of batteries.

If you’re not keen on modifications to your app, it’s worthwhile taking a look at how frequently ExpressVPN is able to release updates. There are many companies that wait several months without iOS update, as an example and a few require more than a full year, but ExpressVPN releases updates every 10 or so days (check for updates in the iOS Update Notes(opens in a new tab) to see for yourself). If you encounter an issue, it’s an indication that you might not have to deal for long because solutions are always from your fingertips.


As we explain in our dedicated Pricing and deal guide The provider offers an extremely simple pricing structure with just three plans which start with the monthly-billed plan(opens in a new tab) at $12.95.

It’s not inexpensive however CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield and Surfshark all charge about $13 per month for their monthly plans which isn’t too much different from the $9 to $10 cost of the top-of-the-line VPNs.

You can sign up for ExpressVPN’s 6-month plan(opens in a new page) and the cost drops from $9.99 to $9.99 each month. It’s a decent discount as well as giving the user more choice than what you receive from competitors which don’t have a 6-month plan at all.

Annual plan year-long plan(opens in a new tab) reduces the price to a monthly cost of $8.32 which is a substantial 35% savings on the monthly fee. However, it’s still significantly higher than the competitors (Private Internet Access asks $3.33 for its annual plan, Windscribe charges $4.08) It’s especially attractive when you’re looking to commit to longer periods of time. It’s a bit more expensive than Private Internet Access has a three-year plan that costs $2.03 monthly in the first year as an example, while Ivacy is currently charging only $1 per month for their five year plan.

If you’re comparing headline prices However, you should be certain to look at the tiny print as ExpressVPN is more comparable to rivals than you think. For instance, many providers have prices that are low, but will increase in the future. IPVanish offers a great value at $3.75 per month during the first year, but the cost increases to $7.50 upon renewal. Additionally, NordVPN begins at $4.92 However, renewals cost an expensive $8.29.

There are many ways to save money, too. Joining with our exclusive offer(opens in a new window) provides three months of free access to your annual ExpressVPN subscription, which gives customers 15 years of uninterrupted service at the price of $6.67 monthly.

If you choose to sign up, you’ll be able to access an array of payment options, including credit cards PayPal, Bitcoin, as well as a variety of others (Giropay, UnionPay, SOFORT, QIWI Wallet and more).

If you’re still not sure If you’re not sure, downloading this Android or iOS application gives you a free 7-day trial. After you’ve handed over the money, ExpressVPN’s thirty-day money-back assurance lets you test the service on your own.