Elden Ring TikTok Commemorates Causes Of Death In Hilarious Montage

A humorous Elden Ring montage video shows off the many hazards that can and will kill players as they journey through the Lands Between.

The Lands Between are a truly dangerous place, as demonstrated by one unlucky Elden Ring player’s humorous death montage. Just like past FromSoftware titles like Dark Souls, Elden Ring can be incredibly punishing in its difficulty, something that the game’s own director has acknowledged in the past. Although most of Elden Ring’s most challenging enemies are purely optional, players can and should expect to see the ominous”You Died” text multiple times as they journey to gather the lost fragments of the titular Elden Ring.

Most of the deaths players suffer through in Elden Ring are the work of the game’s many formidable bosses and monsters, ranging from fearsome warriors like Godfrey, The First Elden Lord to wild dog-like beasts that would-be Elden Lords would be counseled not to a pet. Even seemingly harmless Elden Ring Creatures like goats and dung beetles can be deadly if a player isn’t prepared, meaning that anything that can kill a Tarnished likely will before they reach the final boss. Naturally, Elden Ring players have made light of the game’s brutal difficulty level in the form of funny memes and videos, from joking about certain attacks like Radahn’s meteor strike to comically recalling certain in-game deaths.


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One such Elden Ring player is TikTok user itzzmana801, who recently shared a video montage of all their deaths. As a jaunty song plays in the background, itzzmana801’s Tarnished poses in front of the many things that killed them during their playthrough. These hazards include fearsome knights, Elden Ring‘s lowly dung beetles, and even a cliffside that itzzmana801 apparently fell into unwittingly at some point. In some instances, itzzmana801 dies in the midst of posing as they prepare to finish an enemy off, which shows just how dangerous the Lands Between are.

Cipher Sword from Elden Ring

Elden Ring appears to be just as fun to watch as it is to play, as the internet has been filled with gameplay clips of fans enjoying FromSoftware and Game Of Thrones Writer George RR Martin’s recent dark RPG fantasy – whether they involve boss fights, moments where enemies disrespect players after killing them, or even one impressive Elden Ring player who defeated the Tree Sentinel by summoning a trio of helper spirits to do all the work while they sit around doing nothing. Even in the early days after the game launched to near-universal acclaim, a Twitch stream devoted to Elden Ring became one of the website’s highest viewed feeds of all time.

Part of what makes Elden Ring so compelling to play and watch footage of so many fans is just how unpredictable it is, with every battle or possibly creature leading to a memorable death or victory. itzzmana801’s video montage of Elden Ring Deaths is proof of this, showing off some of the many things that could cut a Tarnished’s quest to become the next Elden Lord violently short if they aren’t prepared to deal with the hazards of the Lands Among.

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Source: itzzmana801/TikTok

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