Ed Matthews and Simple Simon have fiery face-off ahead of TikTok boxing match

Ed Matthews and Simple Simon had a fiery face-off during a Kingpyn Boxing press conference ahead of their boxing match this summer.

The TikTok stars are scheduled to take to the ring at Indigo at the O2 Arena, which has hosted concerts by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ed Sheeran.

However, Simon and Ed are trending on social media right now because of their feisty altercation at a pre-fight press conference, the Mirror reports.

Ed Matthews and Simple Simon, Seconds Out on YouTube

Ed Matthews and Simple Simon have fiery face-off

It looks as though Ed Matthews and Simple Simon are impatient to meet in the ring as the TikTokers faced off on Wednesday, June 8th.

The press conference organized by Kingpyn Boxing quickly went viral on Twitter after Matthews approached Simon at the start of the event.

“I think s*** has got a bit out of hand between me and Simon so I’ve got a present,” Matthews said, holding something under a black jacket. “Let me just give it to him. This is the same size as mine…”

In the next moment, Matthews gave Simon as*x toy, prompting Simon to slap his opponent across the face. Security had to quickly step in to drag the two TikTok stars apart.

After the altercation, Simon addressed their upcoming match and said: “I’m realistic, he ain’t realistic because he says he’s going to knock me out in the first round.

“I’m realistic, there are people who talk and there are people who get on with it and I’m the kind of person who gets on with it so lets see what happens.”

Boxing match venue and ticket details

The Ed Matthews vs Simple Simon boxing match will take place on July 16th at Indigo at the O2 Arena in London.

The event will be available for streaming on a pay-per-view basis on YouTube.

Tickets for the event have yet to be released even though the official fight trailer was released in May.

You can follow Kingpyn Boxing on Instagram for more information about tickets, release date and cost.

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Who are Ed and Simon?

Ed Matthews is a 19-year-old TikTok personality with 62.3k followers on his account and 181,000 followers on Instagram. He used to have around 550k followers but his fan base was reduced after his TikTok account was banned.

Simon, 51, is a football coach who runs Stars Football Academy in East Sussex. He has amassed 360,000 followers on TikTok and 91k fans on Instagram.

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