Dog’s Hilarious Reaction to Owner Being ‘Attacked’ by Vacuum Cleaner Viewed 53M Times

A viral TikTok video of a dog looking on blankly as his owner pretends to be violently attacked by a vacuum cleaner has been viewed more than 53 million times.

It was posted by Patrick Barnes, a verified TikTok user with 2 million followers who regularly posts clips of his small white dog named Quincy.

The video starts off with a clip of a man using a vacuum cleaner in front of his dog. He then removes the floor tool from the vacuum cleaner and holds the tube to his neck, acting as if he were being attacked.

The dog leaps forward, biting the vacuum cleaner and pulling it away from his owner in what appears to be an effort to “save” him.

Barnes then re-enacts the clip to gauge Quincy’s reaction, which doesn’t end up being quite so valiant.

Holding the active vacuum cleaner tube to his neck, Barnes begins screaming and falls to his knees while Quincy looks on.

Instead of leaping into action, the small white dog appears utterly disinterested.

Amused viewers took to the comments section to imagine what might have gone through Quincy’s mind as its owner fought for his life against the home cleaning appliance.

“‘That’s above my pay grade, pal,'” imagined one. Another wrote: “Quicy said ‘oh man, someone should do something.'”

The video had gained 6 million likes and more than 57,000 comments as of Tuesday morning. Barnes’ videos have garnered over 41 million likes altogether.

Pet-Related TikTok Trends

Not all pet-related TikTok trends may be a good idea. Last month, a vet and TikTok user called Cat the Vet warned about a trend on the video platform in which pet owners record themselves talking to their pets in an animated way as they mime along to a popular audio clip in which someone complains about someone else “talking smack” about them.

Cat the Vet said: “It is not big, it is not clever, it is not funny. That dog is incredibly unhappy, it is going to bite you if you carry on like that and I don’t care if it’s your dog and you trust it and think that it won’t, there are children on this app who will copy you and get bitten in the face because they thought it was cool because you did it. Please stop.”

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, allowing users to create, edit and share video content with one another.

Its parent company, ByteDance, had 1.9 billion monthly active users by the end of 2020 across all of its platforms including TikTok, CNBC reported in June via The Wall Street Journal.

A stock image shows a dog’s face up close. A viral video of a dog not “saving” its owner from a vacuum cleaner has proved popular online.
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