Cut costs with 110 Finish dishwasher tables for just £13

Buy dishwasher tablets in bulk and save money with this great Amazon deal. (Getty Images)

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We’re living in a very expensive world right now amid the growing cost of living crisis. Prices are higher than they’ve ever been and energy bills are rising. We’re here to help you make savings on everyday essentials by highlighting great deals and bargain bulk buys as we see them.

This week, we’ve found a brilliant Amazon deal on these Finish Powerball Power All-in-1 dishwasher tablets – you get 110 of them for just £13 for a one-time purchase, or £11.70 if you subscribe for a regular four- monthly deliveries.

We’ll let you in on a secret – not only is it hard to find anywhere that sells this many in one pack, but this is the cheapest and most practical deal we’ve found, as you can get free next day delivery if you ‘re a Prime member.

With over 12,000 Mainly five-star reviews, the pack of 110 from Amazon, which usually costs £26 is definitely a deal worth considering.

Why we rate them

With big-name dishwasher brands like Beko and BOSCH recommending these tablets, it’s clear they’re a quality product.

Claiming to remove stubborn stains the first time around – due to the ‘powerball technology’ which soaks and softens food residue – you’ll save time and energy costs if you don’t have to keep re-washing things.

£13 £26 at Amazon

Also, even in hard-water conditions (hello London), these amazing little tablets protect glass and silverware from getting that tell-tale cloudy build-up.

What the reviews say

With 82% of Amazon shoppers giving these nifty little tablets five-star ratings, this is clearly a great buy.

One customer even complained about the difficulty of buying decent dishwasher tablets, claiming it’s like a lottery. But after finding this Finish product, they stated that they’re “happy to recommend”.

Others enthuse that they’re the “best dishwashing tablets”; “best value on Amazon”; “great quality and value” while another loyal customer says the tablets “clean just that little bit more”.

With yet more saying the tablets look after their ageing dishwashers and always give brilliant results, this is a no-brainer buy.

How do they compare price-wise

At Waitrose you can find Finish Power All In 1 Max 81 Dishwasher Tablets for £15.50 (but that’s 29 fewer tablets than in the Amazon deal)

Meanwhile at Morrisons you can get 60 tablets for £8 – meaning even if you got two packs, subscribing to the Amazon deal is cheaper.

If you’re not bothered about more strongly scented ones (which some people don’t like), the Finish website has a pack of 120 of the lemon-scented tablets for £12 reduced from £20.

We have managed to find a Finish All in 1 Max Dishwasher Tablets 110 pack from Ocado for the same price, reduced from £18 to £13 until the 14th June. So, if you often do a weekly Ocado shop we’d add them to your basket ASAP.

Purchasing through Amazon may still be the most practical way to purchase though for those impatient bargain hunters among us as they come with free next delivery if you’re an Amazon Prime Member, so they’ll be on your door step in no time.

Buy it: Finish Powerball Power All in 1, 110 Tablets | £15.67 (Was £26) from Amazon

£13 £26 at Amazon

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