Coat hanging ideas – on display or tidied away

It’s easy for coats and rainwear to become an inaccessible heap during the cooler months, so good coat hanging ideas can restore order to your hallway ideas. This means less faffing and hunting for the right jacket, and more time doing whatever it is you’re off to do.

Of course the size of your home, the number of people in it and the type of activities you enjoy will determine what you need and what you’re able to achieve in the space you have available. A boot room is the ultimate luxury for outdoor types, but there are many creative coat hanging ideas for those in towns, cities and smaller homes, too.

10 coat hanging ideas

1. Install hidden hallway cupboards

(Image credit: Future PLC/Brent Darby)

Check the depth of your hall to see if it’s possible to squeeze in a row of hidden cupboards, or even just a single unit. The cupboard will only need to be a little deeper than the width of a coat hanger, so this is an option that can even work as a small hallway idea.

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