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Many of Three Dog Night’s songs are one that casual listeners have heard before, yet may not even realize it. After all, the classic rock band, which will be in concert Saturday, Sept. 24 at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, had more Top 10 hits, sold more records and drew larger audiences than almost any other band during the early 1970s.

In the years that have followed, however, the bands songs have reached new audience through use in movies and television commercials: “Mama Told Me (Not to Come),” “Joy to the World,” “Black and White” and “One ” have all woven themselves into the fabric of pop culture.

“They are a band where the audience knows more of their songs than they think they do,” Paxton Guy, WUEZ-FM program director, said. “This is one of those shows you’re going to be sitting there and they’re going to be playing hit after hit after hit that you had forgotten about. There’s probably three or four Three Dog Night songs you will know right off the top of your head, but there’s probably another half dozen that you have forgotten about.”

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Concert promoter Cody Dunbar said he had been looking for a classic rock band to bring to the area, and Three Dog Night fits the bill perfectly.

“It was great to come across a good classic rock band that is still going strong and still out touring and rocking. They had so many huge songs from ‘Old Fashioned Love Song’ to ‘Never Been to Spain’ and so much more,” he said.

Dunbar said the more he has listened to the band, the more excited he is getting for the show. Guy said the band’s discography is quite impressive.

“Try to find another band that was a prolific as Three Dog Night,” Guy urged. “They had 21 consecutive Top 40 hits. There was a period of time where they had Beatles-like overwhelming success.”

Three Dog Night began in 1968 and has made music together for nearly 50 years. Many of their songs have been their own version of artists first recorded by other artists.

“I think they were very adept at taking other people’s songs that were either poorly arranged or throwaway album tracks and turned them into hits,” Guy explained. “They did that with songs from Harry Nilsson, they did that with songs from Randy Newman, I think they even did that with an original number from Elton John.”

Both Dunbar and Guy said part of the band’s appeal is how they straddle the fence between rock and country.

“It’s going to be a great show, one that older people can bring their children or grandchildren to and everyone will have a great time. I think it’s going to be really, really fun,” Dunbar said.

Tickets for Three Dog Night start at $39.99 and are available from the Marion Cultural and Civic Center’s website at


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