What Can I Give My Dog for Toothache Pain?

If you’ve ever suffered from tooth pain, you’ll know what your dog is going through. While humans are usually aware of the reasons behind their pain, the same can’t be said about our canine companions, so tooth pain is even worse for them. Tooth pain requires veterinary care because it may indicate an underlying health … Read more

Missoula County Residents to Elect First Ever ‘Pet Commissioner’

Does your pet have what it takes to be Missoula County’s first-ever ‘Pet Commissioner? Do you have a diplomatic dog or a charismatic cat, or even a politically correct parrot? Well, take their photo and submit it today, and they could become Missoula County’s first-ever ‘Pet Commissioner’. We spoke Monday to County Communications Director Allison … Read more

The 4 Best Food Bowls For Dogs With No Teeth

Feeding time can be a challenge for any dog ​​owner, but if your dog is missing teeth, it’s likely an even bigger concern. Luckily, the best food bowls for dogs with no teeth may make things easier for both you and your dog. According to experts, dogs without teeth can largely eat the same foods … Read more

Spanish pet food brand strengthens presence in Mexico

Pet Markt Company, a Mexican producer and distributor of super-premium pet food, is launching Advance, a brand of Spanish company Grupo Affinity. Affinity is among the largest pet food companies in the world, while Advance is well-known as a prescription pet food brand intended for dogs with dermatological ailments. A leader in nearly 70 markets … Read more

Titanium Dioxide Found in Skittles and Starbursts

If you’re heading to the movies later, you might want to stick with some popcorn instead of buying Skittles. On Thursday, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Mars, Inc., the producer of Skittles candies, for information from consumers about an alleged toxic ingredient called titanium dioxide. The Guardian reported that the rainbow-colored candy containing titanium … Read more

Sweet and Beefy Indiana Dog Can Be Part of Your Family [VIDEO]

Allow us to introduce you to this week’s Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society. Meet Chompers! Chomper here! I’m a 3-year-old terrier mix and long-time resident of VHS. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a very sweet and beefy boy. Sometimes I underestimate my own beefiness, so look out toddlers—I will bulldoze … Read more