Smart Maine Dog Came to Woman’s Rescue After She Lost Her Keys

Wallet. Phone. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Keys? Do any of you do the triple check only to realize you can’t find your keys? And then you’re looking everywhere for them, and of course, they’ve pulled a Houdini on you. We’ve all probably lost our keys at some time or another, and that happened to be the … Read more

Body Cam Video of State Trooper Rescuing Conklin Dog Released

Video recordings showing a New York state trooper moving quickly to help free a golden retriever trapped in a culvert near Binghamton have been made public. State police have released the video from the body cam worn by Trooper Rasaphone, who was sent to Pierce Creek Road in the town of Conklin Sunday morning. Rudy … Read more

This Plant is Now Flowering In Illinois–And It Can Kill You

It’s known by many names; devil’s bread, devil’s porridge, poison parsley, carrot fern, California fern, winter fern, and others–but you’ve probably heard the name before. Conium maculatumor more commonly, poison hemlock. And as for the part about it being able to kill you, if you doubt me, remember what happened to Socrates when he chugged … Read more

6 Best Dog Foods for Small Dog Breeds in 2021

Our dogs mean everything to us, and of course we want them for them fur-Start. As young parents, this means looking after our little four-legged friends (ahem, kids, really) the best we know — from regular visits to the vet and breeder to feeding them healthy foods. Since feeding and maintaining a healthy weight are … Read more

Best wet dog food: Reviews to help you choose

Dogs are more than pets. They’re a furry member of the family. You want healthy dog ​​food for your dog, just like you want nutritious food for the rest of your family. The best dog food choices run far and wide. There are limited ingredient recipes, puppy and senior dog recipes, and organic dog food, … Read more

What is the best age to neuter or spay your dog?

In the United States, it is now common practice for all dogs and cats not intended for breeding purposes to be spayed (oophorectomy) or neutered (neutered). In fact, 78% of dog-owned households have spayed or neutered their companion dogs according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. This … Read more

Best dog food brands and tips from the experts

How do we find dog food? Over the decades of writing and editing for pet and veterinary publications, we have interviewed numerous veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists. We have also had the opportunity to feed our dogs many different brands and types of food. It is important to note that our veterinarians have not specifically approved … Read more

Best and Worst Dog Food Brands

All caring owners want to make sure their dog gets everything they need from a healthy diet. But with hundreds of pet food options on supermarket shelves, in pet stores, and online, from dry, hypoallergenic dog food to raw dog food, it can be hard to know what to buy. We made this decision a … Read more