Bengalureans train their dogs to bark

People in Bengaluru are training their friendly dogs to bark at strangers entering the house. These pets are given treats, head rubs and hugs in return. The families are hoping this will alert them of intruders as petty thefts and chain snatching incidents have become common since the pandemic. Take the case of Srinivas S … Read more

How to manage an aggressive or defensive dog

The first step towards a solution is to first understand your dog in order to take control of the situation. (Bondburn/ photo) the problem A seven-year-old griffon bit his sixth person. The victim, an adult male known to the dog in field situations, reached across the fence to pet the dog who was alone in … Read more

Former RIT students developed a dog training app

ROCHESTER, New York – Some animal shelters, such as Lollipop Farm, are reporting an increase in bringing pets back to the shelter as pandemic restrictions ease. But two former students at Rochester Institute of Technology have developed a new app in hopes of reversing this trend. Chubby loves to go out, but his owner, Ting … Read more

Caught up and finding their way together

Each dog has found a home through Paws for Life, and those sentences have been commuted to 39 Human Paws for Life participants, most of whom were serving life sentences — more than any other prison program in California. John Grobman was certain that he would never again see the world outside the walls of … Read more

Dog death in Utah training program sparks calls for state oversight

Salt Lake City A Utah couple didn’t expect to see their dog again for three weeks, and entrusted it to a trainer to break his habit of aggression toward new dogs. But Ashley Stone and Lynne Lawrence rushed to a vet hospital two days later, where the team worked overnight but ultimately couldn’t save their … Read more

Columbia business owner uses a second chance to make a difference in the community | Mid-Missouri News

Trey Dawson created Backyard K9, a dog training service, after finding his love for dogs while in prison working with Puppies for Parole. COLUMBIA − A Columbia business owner is using his second chance to make a difference in the community. Trey Dawson owns Backyard K9, a dog training service. The business offers a wide … Read more