Dog goes viral on TikTok after getting high from toxic mushrooms

A dog has overnight become an TikTok celebrity after its owner shared a video of it acting “high” after accidentally consuming toxic mushrooms. A New Hampshire Labrador named Miley redefined “road trip” after she was filmed seemingly nodding off in a car after allegedly eating a bad mushroom. Footage of the pooch’s purported psychedelic episode … Read more

TikTok’s ‘Sneaky Licking’ challenge leads to police arresting students

Students across the United States are being arrested for rants committed as part of the “deceptive licking” trend, which includes stealing or vandalizing school property. Launched earlier this month on social media platform TikTok as students go back to school, students have started posting videos of themselves stealing items from schools — from soap dispensers … Read more

Prince Charming ‘Shrek’ Memes Are Taking Over TikTok

TikTokers are making memes about the “Shrek” character Prince Charming. The memes show creators stretching out their faces using an in-app effect and lip-syncing. It’s one of the latest trends in the “Shrek” franchise’s long history of memes and online fame. Loading Something is loading. TikTokers are putting on their best impressions of Prince Charming … Read more

Rap virus spreads across cultural notes

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” made his rap debut on Tech N9ne’s Face Off track. His poetry, which includes the words “It’s about leadership, it’s about power,” went viral on TikTok. That sparked a flurry of satirical memes about extreme fitness culture and the lyrics themselves. loading Something is loading. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s debut on … Read more

What Is the ‘Immortal Snail’ on TikTok?

TikTok users have breathed new life into an internet meme about immortality, wealth and a deadly snail that will snatch away both with just one touch — and the trend is seriously catching on, just like Noodle the precious pug and his Bones Days videos. If you’ve noticed curious videos about deadly snails popping up … Read more