Vet Dr Whitney Terrell determines best and worst dog breeds on TikTok

A vet has caused a stir online after she revealed her top five most and least favorite dog breeds, basing her list on personality, health issues and behaviours. Dr Whitney Terrell, who has over 74 thousand followers on TikTok, explained why she was and wasn’t a fan of each dog across two separate videos which … Read more

TikTok star who joked about killing arrested with mom for murder

A TikTok star who recently made a satirical video about killing someone was charged — along with her mother and three others — with the murder of two men who died in an alleged car chase in Leicestershire, England, last week, the Sun reported. Mahek Bukhari, 22, her mother Ansreen Bukhari, 45, and another woman, … Read more

Sketchy TikTok ads push high-interest payday loans

A group of secretive TikTok advertisers are using sketchy tactics to push massive loans that experts say could run afoul of deceptive advertising laws, The Post has learned. Some of the ads tease “almost instant” five-figure deposits despite bad credit, while others appear to imply they are part of government “inflation programs” and use the … Read more

I let tattoo artist ink my face with surprise — now I’m ashamed

This modern-day scarlet letter stripped away her humanity. A former exotic dancer shared the humiliating story of how a well-known California artist inked the worst thing possible on her face as a goof — and the shame and embarrassment that ensued. A video describing her dehumanizing ordeal currently has 1.9 million views on TikTok. “I … Read more

‘Why are you shaming fat people?’

Tick, tock — users’ patience is wearing thin. TikTokkers slammed the popular video platform over a “fatphobic” filter, claiming the grotesque effect — which made people’s faces large and rugged — was offensive. The trend, in which people used the filter to the tune of a Rosalia song, was first attempted by TikTokker @eunicetjoaa. The … Read more

5 of the most explosive ’90 Day Fiancé’ couples and where they are now

For many of us, trash TV—aka the love language of millennials and gen Zers—has been a blessing in disguise. The genre, having gained mass popularity in the early 2000s, has explored a variety of topics, teaching our generation about the little things in life. Often, viewers are gifted with a double bill and, without even … Read more

‘TikTok’s biggest catfish’ stuns viewers with make-up transformation

A woman, who was previously dubbed “TikTok’s biggest catfish” shared a before and after make-up snap with followers, announcing “that just aint me” to the glammed up picture. Make-up whizz Jessy Volk showed a glammed up picture of herself with perfect volume curls and dramatic eye make-up. In the next frame she cut to herself … Read more

A 2018 internet child star has a word of advice for 7-year-old viral sensation Corn Kid: ‘Good luck out there’

Mason Ramsey, known as the “yodel kid” on the internet, advised the “corn kid” on how to deal with viral fame.Mason Ramsey via TikTok and Recess Therapy via YouTube Mason Ramsey went viral in 2018 at 12 years old with a video of him yodeling in Walmart. Ramsey posted a TikTok giving advice to the … Read more

TikTok and Twitch Streamers Are Trading Sleep for Cash

Every second Saturday between the hours of midnight and 4:20 am, 26-year-old Mikkel Nielsen is tortured with loud noises, flashing lights, and electric shocks. With a camera pointed at his cartoon bedding, the Dane tries to sleep while around 1,000 people watch live on Twitch. Typically, around a hundred of these viewers donate money during … Read more