Boxer Caught on Camera Destroying Owner’s Living Room

A mischievous Boxer dog left internet users in hysterics after she was caught messing up her owner’s living room while she was at work.

Social media sensation Lexi, who has racked up over 156,000 followers on TikTok alongside Boxer Dexter, was caught chewing up objects around the room in a video viewed over 21 million times.

Her owner, thought to be from Edgewater, Maryland, shared a video of herself telling off the dog through a camera she installed in the living room, with the caption: “When you catch her in the act of destroying whatever she gets into.”

The hilarious footage shows a very confused Lexi approaching the camera as her owner said: “Lexi stop it. Hello I can see you. Stop making a mess! Okay?”

The clip racked up over 3 million likes and over 24,000 comments from users, with one writing: “I’ve caught my Boxers the same way, they just look at the camera and carry on destroying whatever it is.”

“This is too cute. love how she came to the camera after hearing your voice,” wrote another user.

A third said: “Haha. Omg, when she came to the camera super close up. Love boxers. Mine is looking at me.”

Another joked: “Is it me, am I the drama.”

According to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), crate training can be an effective way to prevent dogs developing behavioral problems like chewing up items of value.

“Using crates is safe, humane and effective and in many cases can be what helps a dog stay in its home,” the APDT previously told Newsweek.

“Crates are valuable tools for house training, as well as managing the environment so dogs avoid developing problem behaviors such as destructive chewing and counter-surfing.”

The organization said crates can provide additional safe short-term confinement options when traveling or in the car and can “help minimize stress during times of emergency, while boarding in a kennel or while spending a night at the vet clinic.”

“For puppies, crates are a valuable tool for housetraining because dogs like to be clean and don’t like to soil the place where they sleep,” animal behavioral expert and American Kennel Club Family Dog director, Dr. Mary Burch, said.

“Crate training can be done quickly if the owner is systematic and consistent,” Burch said. “By systematic, it means starting with very short periods of time and gradually extending the time the puppy is in the crate.”

Boxer dog. A pair of mischievous Boxer dogs have been caught on camera “redecorating” their owner’s living room while she was at work.
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