Bern Pet Foods reports strong growth in best-selling ACANA Dog food

Bern Pet Foods reports strong growth in best-selling ACANA Dog foods for the UK & Ireland. So, what makes ACANA different? And why are so many pet stores choosing to stock this food?

ACANA goes above and beyond when crafting dog food recipes, including sourcing high quality animal proteins like fresh or raw poultry, meats or wild-caught fish. All ACANA recipes contain at least 50% quality animal ingredients, balanced with whole fresh fruit and vegetables, botanicals and nutrients. ACANA recipes do not add artificial colours, preservatives or flavors and do not include corn, soy, tapioca or wheat ingredients. ACANA provides a delicious variety of recipes and a fantastic range of options to suit every dog.

The ACANA Dog range, is made with 60-75%* quality animal ingredients, including fresh chicken, wild-caught or sustainably farmed fish and eggs plus farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. These nutritionally-balanced recipes cover all life stages, breed sizes and lifestyles.

Further recipes for dogs by ACANA include ‘Singles’ which contain 50% quality animal ingredients from a single protein source. Great for dogs with sensitivities or fussy eaters – available in Grass-fed Lamb, Free-Run Duck or Yorkshire Pork.

The ACANA Highest Protein range is rich with 70% quality animal ingredients* and balanced with 30% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals** to give dogs the nutrients they need for peak health. This range is perfect for owners that like to use rotational feeding with their dogs.

ACANA Classics are grain-inclusive recipes, featuring 50%* quality animal ingredients, farm-fresh fruits and vegetables and oats for slow-release energy and fiber. Available in poultry, red meat or fish recipes.

ACANA recipes are crafted by Champion Petfoods, an award-winning pet food maker with a reputation of trust spanning more than 35 years. Champion pioneered biologically appropriate, which means every one of their recipes is crafted with purpose and reflects their commitment to mirror the diet nature and evolution intended for dogs and cats to eat. For meat eaters, that means higher amounts of protein from animal sources and fewer carbohydrates.

They also introduced whole-prey ingredients to give pets the most succulent, nourishing parts of the animal, including meat, poultry, organs and bones. Fresh or raw meat, poultry or fish are always the lead ingredients in ACANA recipes to provide pets with peak nutrition, optimal nutrition and ultimate flavour.

Colin Rodger, Managing Director of Bern Pet Foods, the exclusive importer and distributor of ACANA for the UK and Ireland explains “Champion Petfoods specialise in making foods that are biologically appropriate which means they include the finest whole-prey ingredients from both fresh and raw animal sources. All the ingredients in ACANA recipes have been selected from carefully curated suppliers that are known and trusted. ACANA pet foods are crafted by passionate nutrition and health experts in world class kitchens. As pet lovers ourselves, we strive to provide the highest quality in every product that we sell.”

For more information on ACANA Dog recipes, please contact Bern Pet Foods on 01737 767679 or email

*Approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients **Plus vitamins, minerals, natural preservatives & probiotics

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