Bark at your dog TikTok leaves users in splits

‘Bark at your dog and see their reaction’ is one of TikTok’s most popular trends that most dog/puppy owners have recreated.

Over the past few years, TikTok has blessed the internet with a fresh stream of pet videos that are both adorable and hilarious.

Watching cat or dog videos on the platform is one of the most relaxing experiences that the internet has to offer these days. Hence, we take a deep dive into one of TikTok’s most popular trends, ‘bark at your dog and see their reaction.’

Watch the bark at your dog TikTok

The popular trend sees users barking at their doggos and/or pups, as they sit beside them and record their reactions.

The trend brings out a very different side in each dog, as each one reacts quite differently. While some doggos get quiet and shy, others lash out at their owners and return their barks with even louder ones.

Some of the most viewed videos in the trend have been created by the likes of ‘lifewithkleekai,’ ‘meekathehusky,’ ‘lilmfcurb’ and others.

Meeka, the adorable husky on the platform, melted user’s hearts after getting docile and shy after her owner barked at her.

Many doggos are left hilariously shocked at first when their owners bark at them.

Users left in splits after watching the videos

Many TikTok users are huge fans of the ‘bark at your dog’ TikTok trend. Here are some notable comments on dog reactions.

A user who tried this trend with their own dog wrote, “I am barking at my dog ​​and all he does is stare at me.”

Another user wrote under a video, “when he paused I swear he gave you time to run.”

In a third video, a user commented, “He said, “I’m not one of your lil friends.”

Other hilarious pet TikToks explored

Another adorable and hilarious TikTok trend involving dogs is the one where owners play the song Happy Dog from DJ Moody. The doggos adorably stand bouncing on their feet after listening to the song.

The ‘Gasp at your dog and record their reaction,’ TikTok trend is also a great one!

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