Botticelli Sold for $45.4 Million at Sotheby’s Auction

A long-overlooked painting regarded for decades as the work of Sandro Botticelli’s studio assistants sold at Sotheby’s in New York on Thursday for $45.4 million with fees, kick-starting this year’s cycle of headline-grabbing prices for trophy artworks at auction. Now billed as a “seminal masterpiece” by the Italian renaissance master, Botticelli’s tempera-on-panel “The Man of … Read more

The 25 Dog Breeds That are Hardest to Potty Train

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a wonderful experience, but any pet parent will know that it can be hard work too. The first few months of having a puppy are not just playtime and cuddles—responsible owners will take this time to patiently train their puppies, and that includes housebreaking. Potty training will never … Read more

For skiers, winter of discontent

“Is it just me, or do some lifts look a bit older this season?” I asked my husband while we were riding the cable car in Snowmass, Colorado – our local resort – two days after Christmas. I reminded him that during the holidays, the Aspen Skiing Company’s executive team comes to Snowmass and the … Read more

Are you afraid of leaving your dog alone after a year of quarantine together? The coach provides advice on modification

During the pandemic, as more people work remotely, shelters and rescues in the city have seen an increase in dog adoptions and care. Shelters have been emptied across the country. Los Angeles organizations still receive thousands of applications from potential dog owners each week. In many ways, 2020 was a great year to get a … Read more

Dog Show Presents ‘Paw’ Day at Root County Fair

Terney McDowell scratches Penny, an American Bulldog mix, during the obedience segment of the 4-H Dog Show on Tuesday at the Root County Fair. McDowell and Penny took home the Champion Award in the Medium Review category during Tuesday’s event. (Photo by John F. Russell) Hayden – This was Leona Thurston’s first year as a … Read more

Sebastian Stan stars in The Dating Nightmare

This is the only available image from the movie and does not tell the story. Absolutely.picture: legendary Fresh Approximately two-A movie that doesn’t let you in on its secret for about a quarter of that time. It all starts weird and cute with a young woman named Noah (Daisy Edgar Jones) Navigating the world of … Read more