A Local Business That’s One For The Dogs… and Sometimes Cats

A Texas Tech student has started a business that seems to be scooping in the dough. Well actually it’s not necessarily dough that they are scooping.

21-year-old Brook Lundgren, originally from Midland, is a student at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech and is the owner of Brooks Pet Clean-Up. In an interview with KFYO News, Lundgren says he got the idea to start his business during the Covid-19 lockdown while stuck at home in Midland and started browsing through social media where he began to see people had a need for someone to come clean up after their pets. The business of cleaning up poop allowed Lundgren to be able to maintain the recommended six feet distance protocols in place while still maintaining a great relationship with clients.

There are currently 28 Brooks Pet Clean-Up locations across the United States ranging from California, Florida, and even Wyoming but those locations are just the beginning. Lundgren does plan to open more locations. Brooks Pet Clean-Up doesn’t just offer dog poop scooping but also cat litter clean-out, dog sitting, yard sanitizing and deodorizing. The dog sitting doesn’t just mean dogs but Lundgren did inform us that it’s an overall pet sitting where someone will come over twice a day to feed and play with your pet while you are away along with any instructions that are left for them to follow . That means feeding your chickens, horses, goats, goldfish, and even venus fly trap, just don’t expect that play time to go over so well. Now as diseases like parvo can be spread easily through just simple contact from an infected dog Brooks Pet Clean-Up actually sanitizes and deodorizes your yard. Their sanitizing spray reportedly kills parvo which is a very dangerous disease if you dog or even puppy contracts the virus.

Now at only 21 and finding success Lundgren is still in school earning his degree while maintaining a successful business. Brooks Pet Clean-Up is available everyday from 8 am – 6 pm and can be contacted on their website.

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