A final mission goes horribly wrong in the new spy series Old Dog

A new spy series, Old Dog, is an exciting adventure created by Declan Shalvey (Moon Knight) around a recent mission that goes wrong.

Next picture caricature series old dog Combines action, action and spies in an endless adventure. Creator Declan Shalvey (moon knightAnd LightningAnd X-Men Unlimited(The series will be lettered and drawn by Eisner nominated letter writer Clayton Cowles)BatmanAnd star WarsAnd eternity). This will be Chalvey’s third crime-related title for the photos.

Shalvey started as a comic book artist called hero killers, winner of the 2006 Eagle Award for his book ‘British’s Favorite Black and White Comic Book’. He has a variety of art credits from both Marvel and DC Comics, including Batman And dead list. At Image Comics, he worked on the art of science fiction series Injection. In terms of writing, for Image he has written crime comics set in his native Ireland such as Savage City And swamp bodies. He recently contributed a cover for the upcoming Image vampire series, blood stained teeth.

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Image Comics press release old dog Compare the book to the spy series sleeping Written by Ed Brubacher (captain Americaand Shawn PhillipsHellblazer) as well as the TV program the Americans in style Jason Bourne. the hero of the story old dogJack Lynch has one last job to do before retiring from the CIA. Unfortunately, like most people a week into retirement, things go wrong. Then, years later, he awakens a changed person into a completely different world with a mysterious group proposition that gives him another chance for an adventure, which will include changing his ways with a new partner. So far, only the main cover of Shalvey’s book has been revealed.

old dog It takes the unique approach of focusing on an old spy seemingly at the end of his career versus younger action heroes who usually take on the role of protagonist in espionage stories. Declan Chalvey will do the majority of the tasks in old dog, including writing, artwork, and colours. Talking about how much he worked on old dog: “I’m incredibly excited to let Old Dog off its leash. For a long time I’ve been trying to develop my solo series from scratch; one I write, paint, color and design, and it’s great to finally be doing so with Clayton Cowles as my right-hand man on the letters…” Declan continues to compare this work with his journey moon knight: “This seems like the next creative step to me, one that’s both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Anyone who’s been a fan of action storytelling, done in the one I used in Moon Knight, will enjoy this series. It’s full of mystery and intrigue and every now and then, someone gets exposed. To badly beaten, he is often the main character. ”

Readers will be able to see what new tricks Lynch can learn when the first version of . is released old or old dog Releases in comic book stores and on digital platforms in June 2022. Will join the crime and spy series of picture caricature On shelves like those of Mark Millar king of spies as well as Brubaker and Phillips’ reckless, take its own picture in species.

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