A dog’s breed doesn’t predict its profit to bite

The first dog I adopted was a three-year-old pit bull mix named Millie. She and her five puppies were rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina where she was on the euthanasia list. Despite being the sweetest, I came to find out she had buckshot in her cheek from being shot. Having owned Millie and my current pit bull rescue, Greta, I’ve witnessed firsthand the ignorance and hate surrounding the breed. It affects me deeply.

I came across an op-ed in this very newspaper by a local plastic surgeon who wrote, “I believe that the risk posed by pit bulls is equivalent to placing a loaded gun with the safety off on the coffee table.” What would cause someone to compare an entire breed of dog to a loaded gun with the safety off? Quite simply, fear and hate, both of which stem from ignorance.

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