A couple searches for a missing dog after the I-81 crash near the state line

The desperate search continues for a husband and wife whose dog has left after they were involved in a car accident on Interstate 81 just south of the New York Pennsylvania border.

Kate Moran and Matt Mostow were not seriously injured in the December 27 collision near New Milford in Susquehanna County. But in the four weeks after the accident, they worked to find Billy, their three-year-old pet.

The dog is described as a short, medium-length terrier mix with short, curly ears and a long, slightly curly tail wearing a red marked collar. Weighs approximately 25 lbs.

Moran said she and her husband are asking people in Susquehanna and Broome counties to watch their dog and report any potential sightings immediately. People are urged not to look for, contact, chase or approach the dog because it is too frightened and will run away.

Those who spot a dog that matches Billy’s description are asked to take a picture of it and call (716) 604-6049.

Moran said there was a possibility of seeing Billy Sunday in the New Milford area, not far from where the crash occurred. She believes the dog moves a lot and can go many miles a day. It’s asking people to keep an eye on security cameras and tracking cameras because it’s probably moving quickly and sights are needed to help narrow its location.

Moran and Mosto live in Jersey City, New Jersey. They were traveling on Interstate 81 during vacation time.

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