Every gadget is not a winner. As it appears that a number of them are completely winners. The huge electronics bonanza referred to as the CES 2023 is not in the books, and it was filled with strange devices that were its own creation such as pee-reading toilets and cutting boards with screens. But what if we go back time to see what was happening into consideration the CES events of the past?

In the last 20 years, I’ve encountered technology that is so incredible that at times they appear to exist solely because journalists like me be writing about them. However, it’s time to expose the most awful that are the absolute worst. Vacuum cleaners and toilet paper robots MP3 weapons holsters, it’s your chance to shine!

The most intriguing aspect of this gallery of rogues is that some of the items such as for instance, the Pepe pet dryer and the HapiFork and the Hushme to name some remain available for sale today. It’s true: You blew the whole thing up! madmen!

Dyson Zone Air-Purifying Headphones

The product is not technically an CES product, since the announcement was made in 2022. However, Dyson demonstrated its Zone headphones at Las Vegas during CES 2023. While the Zone appears to be a COVID-resistant mask, this isn’t what it actually does. 

As per the Dyson website, the development of the Zone started in the year 2016 as an air purifier for your personal useto reduce pollution, in particular and, in that sense it was not created to shield against COVID. Additionally, one person has suggested that the device’s fan motors could increase your odds of getting coronavirus. 

CNET’s Katie Collins, who tried the device at Dyson’s headquarters in the UK she thought it was ” too brilliant and bizarre to ignore.”

Charmin Rollbot

The manufacturer of computer peripherals Razer is the master of making “look at me” products specifically for CES and toilet paper brand Charmin has become famous for its 2020 entry.

 In the year that witnessed the widespread panic buying for toilet tissue was a robot that might bring you more! Coincidence? Yes… probably. 

The RollBot was not going to ever be a product in the real sense however we loved it and hated it regardless.

Did you remember having to clean your hands every 20 seconds, singing to us? The same method applies when it comes to brushing your teeth but why would you want to use your own lips and brain as sucker? There’s been many smart toothbrushes in the past however, I’m currently focusing off the Kolibree.

 Everything was perfect until the advent in “the world’s first connected electric toothbrush.” Happy birthday and a happy birthday to you…

Taser MP3 Holster

In the late 2000s In the 2000s, the iPod was so popular that all companies rushed to design an MP3 player of their own. The result was one of the most stupid CES products to date that is The Tazer Holster for MP3s. Imagine trying to charge your holster , but also join it by USB to your PC to load it with 1GB of music.

Pepe Pet Dryer

Do you want to discover a fresh way to make your pet or cat beg you to leave forever? Put them in a for 25 hours (!) and then expose them to blasts from hot air. The combination of the torture device and dryer will cost you $660. You could also just put a towel over your dog’s wet coat as a human would.


In the past there have been many devices that were designed to curb the behavior of human beings however this one is the cake. (pan)cake. The HapiFork is another gadget that vibrates to tell you to eat meals more slowly (over two hours) and the reason is that you’re much less likely to binge eat. Personally, I gobble my food down as if I were in prison Do your best, HapiFork. I’ll eat by hand when I’m forced to! You’re not my boss!


The Hushme is actually an “dumb” product — it’s intended to make its user’s voice muted to those within the vicinity. The product was advertised as beneficial in offices however… should someone in my workplace gave me the Hushme, I’d need to wear shoes that are vacuum-cleaning, to get rid of the hilariously stomped-on pieces.


The first Belty was an early smart belt that had an electric motor which adjusted itself to determine if you had just eaten or were sitting down. Not practical at all however, isn’t it cool? There is a more modern model which is also known as Belty and this is a bit more bizarre There’s no auto-sizing feature, however it does come with the power bank charging device in the buckle. Okay, two things. Not just would the I not need a volatile compound in my nethers, but I don’t want to plug in to a number of devices too.

Denso Vacuum Shoes

Shoes. They’re yours to wear. They wear out, so you purchase more. However, that’s not as exciting is it? They’re in need of things within themrockets, phones, rollers, and… vacuums? There are many puns I could create on the mere name of the Denso Vacuum Shoes however their existence in the first place was the most hilarious comedy of all.