How To Find The Best Dog Trainer Near Me

How To Find The Best Dog Trainer Near Me

A competent dog trainer may make all the difference in teaching your dog fundamental obedience and more advanced training for canine sports. That’s particularly true for those who are new to dog ownership. Even if you have years of expertise with dogs, a professional trainer may assist you in troubleshooting and enhancing your skills. In … Read more

11 essentials for pet owners in UAE, for 2022

11 essentials for pet owners in UAE, for 2022

Every pet parent is always on the lookout for the next best item for their fur babies. Equipping your home with the right tools can help ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, keeping them happy even when you’re away. “Most pet parents treat their pets like their own children, and they’re ready to … Read more

The Best Optional Mods For Skyrim

Over the course of Skyrim’s long reign at the top, many community mods have surfaced, enhancing the overall experience. Then there are the mods that add zero practical value but are still hilariously entertaining nonetheless. Related: Skyrim: The Top Graphics Mods So Far With Skyrim’s huge popularity and solidified place in the cultural zeitgeist, the … Read more

Calling all Pokémon trainers

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Intelligencer requests briefs will be submitted at least 10 days prior to the desired publication date. Due to the volume of community-submitted briefs, the content may be published within 10 days of submission. Holidays and weather forecasts may impact some events. The Intelligencer cannot guarantee that submission will be published. The Edwardsville … Read more

The sweet and sour ingredients of a culinary career

From starter chef to celebrity chef, a recent Hospitality Summit highlighted the challenges and champions of the industry. Rebecca Fox reports on Australian ‘punk princess of pastry’ Anna Polyviou and talks to a chef starting his cooking journey. Otago’s mountains have been Freddy Nordt’s playground for years, but this time when he comes to Queenstown … Read more

A head coach should be gracious, not dismissive of media

Thanks, Coach! I’m not a fan of network sideline interviews with the coach on their way into the locker room. Reporters emphasize the word coach as if they had just had an audience with the pope. Nick Saban took over his own interview when asked by Jenny Dill, a 36-year-old UMass graduate, about a shoulder … Read more

Best day of my life didn’t cost the earth

After 11 years, two children, numerous animals, a few wobbles and a major house move, I never thought my partner and I would ever get married. The topic came up less and less the older our relationship got, because, let’s be real, once you have children, your priorities change and fanciful thoughts of throwing wads … Read more